The all-rounder for crane systems, whether for cooling the crane bridge, crane operator's cab or a switch room. The application is usually in a steel plant, a coking plant, an aluminum plant, a copper smelter or foundry.

Areas of application:

  • Cooling operation in ambient temperatures of 0°C to 65°C possible
  • Designed for extreme conditions: shock loads, thermal radiation, dust, and corrosion
  • A wide range of operating voltages

Energy and environmental balance:

  • With environmentally friendly refrigerant - without CFCs and without HCFCs 

Processing and quality:

  • Robust sheet steel construction, suitable for extreme shock loads
  • Corrosion-resistant housing, powder coated or in stainless steel
  • Durable heat exchanger made of copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, optional CDP coating 
  • Switching cabinet cooling provided for
  • Powerful circulating air filters, fresh air filters, air circulation heating optional
  • Condensate evaporator optional
  • Coated conduits optional
  • Robust industrial compressor
  • Service-friendly
  • Quality control with factory test run



Dimensions [mm] L x W x H

600 x 850 x 1.125


600 x 1.710 x 585

Weight approx. [kg]
vertical / horizontal

270 / 287

Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 134a 1)
at a room temperature of  26 °C – 40 °C

4,2 – 5,9

Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 227 ea *1)
at a room temperature of  26 °C – 40 °C

3,7 – 5,2

Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 124 *1)
at a room temperature of  26 °C – 40 °C

3,4 – 4,7

Refrigerating capacity [kW] R 236 fa *1)
at a room temperature of  26 °C – 40 °C

3,1 – 4,1

Air flow rate, free blowing  [m3/ h]


* Other refrigerants on request. Talk to us, we will be happy to help you.
1.) At an ambient temperature of 50° C.
Refrigerating capacity is dependent on the ambient temperature, the refrigerant and the room conditions.
2.) Evaporators are individually selected.

Operating limits for refrigerants
R 134 a ambient temperature 65°C
R 227 ea  ambient temperature 75°C
R 124 ambient temperature 90°C
R 236 fa ambient temperature 90°C

Subject to technical changes.

The CRANEFRIGOR™ T series (V series) is an all-rounder for conditioning control booths and cabs mostly in steel mills, foundries, coking plants or aluminum works. The sucked-in air is mixed with pre-filtered fresh air, filtered and brought to the desired temperature. A slight overpressure is thereby created in the cooling space, which prevents dust entering from the outside. The desired room temperature is individually selectable. Depending on the use of the crane, it can be heated, for example, when the crane goes out of the hall, or if it is generally an external crane, as is the case with a scrap crane.